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Protein coevolution and physicochemical adaptation in the APAF-1/apoptosome: structural and functional implications
Jose Antonio Sanchez - Borbon, Steven Edward Massey, Jose David Hernandez - Martich
Published: Nov 2020
  • Protein coevolution and physicochemical adaptation in the APAF-1/apoptosome: structural and functional implications
  • The apoptosome is involved in the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis, and this including some other key factors causes cell death.
Esosa Alimele Morgans
Β-1,4-glucanase is used by parasitic plants to naturally graft themselves onto host plants
From Paper: Host-parasite tissue adhesion by a secreted type of β-1,4-glucanase in the parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum
  • This study conducted comparative transcriptome analyses on both infection and grafting by P. japonicum on Arabidopsis to understand the molecular basis of tissue adhesion between distant plant species
  • Parasitic plants establish intimate relationships with host plants by adhering tissues at roots or stems
Patrick Joyce
Escherichia coli-Based Cell-Free Synthesis of Virus-Like Particles
Published: Nov 2007
  • Virus like particles (VLP) are genome free virus capsids that are formed from the structural proteins of viruses
  • VLPs can be used for vaccines, drug delivery, diagnostics, and gene therapies - as delivery vehicles
Relationship between serum bilirubin levels, urinary biopyrrin levels, and retinopathy in patients with diabetes
Published: Nov 2020
  • This negative association may be related to decreased production of bilirubin rather than increased consumption, given the positive association between bilirubin and biopyrrin levels.
Анатолий Касян
Cellulosic wall thickenings restrict cell expansion to shape the 3D puzzle sclereids of the walnut shell
Sebastian J. Antreich, Nannan Xiao, Jessica C. Huss, Notburga Gierlinger
Published: Nov 2020
  • harika
Анатолий Касян
Nutritive value and digestibility of macronutrients from sheep and alpaca skin hydrolysates as a new alternative in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) feeding
Araníbar-Araníbar, Marcelino Jorge, et al
Published: Nov 2020
  • The hydrolyzed sheep and alpaca skins had a high content of macronutrients with an acceptable apparent digestibility of nutrients, making them a viable alternative to improve the nutritive value of more economical feeds for rainbow trout feed.
Clustering of death receptor for apoptosis using nanoscale patterns of peptides
From Paper: Clustering of death receptor for apoptosis using nanoscale patterns of peptides
Yang Wang, Igor Baars, Ferenc Fördös, Björn Högberg
Published: Nov 2020
The nanoscale spatial organization of transmembrane tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptors has been implied as a regulator of cellular fate. Accordingly, molecular tools that can induce specific arrangements of these receptors on cell surfaces would give us an opportunity to study these effects in detail. To achieve this, we introduce DNA origami nanostructures, that precisely scaffold the patterning of TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)-mimicking peptides at nanoscale level. Stimulating human breast cancer cells with these patterns, we find that around 5 nm is the critical inter-ligand distance of hexagonally patterned peptides to induce death receptor clustering and a resulting apoptosis. We thus offer a strategy to reverse the non-efficacy of current ligand- and antibody-based methods for TNF superfamily (TNFRSF) activation.
Titus Osikhiana Ogahbrai
Unusual electron spin polarization tied to loss of consciousness via general anaesthesia in fruit flies (Drosophila)
From Paper: Figure 10 rev 2
Published: Aug 2014
  • General anesthesia, whose mechanism of action to eliminate consciousness is still not fully understood, is tied to electron spin signal in fruit flies
  • More broad connection between electron spin currents in cells and consciousness of nervous system is implied
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