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A free, open-source reference manager that helps scientific teams draft, edit, and publish new research.
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Everything you need to save and annotate academic papers
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Helping teams research, draft, and edit new manuscripts
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Working Independently
Organize your research
ResearchHub makes it easy for anyone to research, draft, and edit new manuscripts. Save papers directly from your browser. Use in-line comments to discuss findings within your lab. Draft new content in Microsoft Word.

Save new references with one-click
Streamline reviews and discussions with in-line comments
Collaborate on manuscripts in real time
Import all existing references from other citation managers
Working As A Team
Streamlined Collaboration
ResearchHub levels up the productivity of scientific teams by helping lab mates collaboratively research and write about a topic.

Invite friends and lab mates
Follow colleagues to stay up-to-date with their research
Robust privacy and permissions controls
Bring your team together in one place
Earn ResearchCoin for sharing openly accessible content
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can easily import your existing reference library by exporting it in BibTeX (.bib) format, and then uploading it to our platform.

Yes, you can collaborate with your friends and lab mates on ResearchHub's Reference Manager.

You can invite them by creating or navigating to your organization, going to "Settings and Members", and inviting them by their email address.

Yes, we have a browser extension that allows you to save papers directly from your browser.

Yes, you can access Reference Manager on your phone through your browser.

ResearchCoin (RSC) is a reward token anyone can earn by sharing, curating, and discussing academic science within ResearchHub.

ResearchCoin empowers the people who dedicate their time & energy to building ResearchHub with additional influence over the type of content created within our community.
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