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Oxytocin and Self-Consciousness
Published: Jan 2016
  • Oxytocin likely influences self- and other-related cognition by modulating the brain network activity involved in the shared neural representations of others and self . Self-recognition and the sense of self-ownership are among the mechanisms implicated in functional empathic responses. These kind of investigations would be crucial to furthering our understanding of oxytocin's role in the relationship between self-other distinction and the ability to shift from self-oriented to other-person-oriented perspectives, as well as its role in self-other distinction, and prosocial behavior, especially in light of the close link between interoception and empathy. This research area (Oxytocin’s implication on self-consciousness) is still in its infancy and further studies are warranted
Bridging the gap between thermodynamic integration and umbrella sampling provides a novel analysis method: “Umbrella integration”
Published: Oct 2005
We present a method to analyze biased molecular-dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, also known as umbrella sampling. In the limiting case of a strong bias, this method is equivalent to thermodynamic integration. It employs only quantities with easily controllable equilibration and greatly reduces the statistical errors compared to the standard weighted histogram analysis method. We show the success of our approach for two examples, one analytic function, and one biological system.
Brian Novak
Nobody Reads Published Rebuttals to Scientific Findings
From Paper: Do rebuttals affect future science?
Published: Jan 2011
  • Only 1-in-20 citations of published rebuttals to original articles--in the specific cohort of highly-profile articles--are cited as criticism to the original article.
  • Published rebuttals to highly-cited original articles have no significant effect on the continuing rate of citations for that same original paper.
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Jordan Nelson
Constructing spatial perception through self-touch
Published: Nov 2020
  • Successful interactions with the environment depend on accurate spatial representations of both the external world and of our body acting upon it. The coding of space is, therefore, an essential requirement for both motor and perceptual systems.
Veterinary antibiotic oxytetracycline’s effect on the soil microbial community
Published: Apr 2020
  • Antibiotics have a selective effect on various microbial groups; this effect can be positive or negative. some antibiotics inhibit microorganisms, while others have stimulating effects on microbial growth and activity.
Ajit Ray
Vitamin D Supplementation Improves Cognitive Function
From Paper: Vitamin D Supplementation Improves Cognitive Function Through Reducing Oxidative Stress Regulated by Telomere Length in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A 12-Month Randomized Controlled Trial
Yang, Tong, et al
Published: Nov 2020
  • Vitamin D supplementation for 12 months appears to improve cognitive function through reducing oxidative stress regulated by increased TL in order adults with MCI. Vitamin D may be a promising public health strategy to prevent cognitive decline.
Protein coevolution and physicochemical adaptation in the APAF-1/apoptosome: structural and functional implications
Jose Antonio Sanchez - Borbon, Steven Edward Massey, Jose David Hernandez - Martich
Published: Nov 2020
  • Protein coevolution and physicochemical adaptation in the APAF-1/apoptosome: structural and functional implications
  • The apoptosome is involved in the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis, and this including some other key factors causes cell death.
Precious Alimele
Β-1,4-glucanase is used by parasitic plants to naturally graft themselves onto host plants
From Paper: Host-parasite tissue adhesion by a secreted type of β-1,4-glucanase in the parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum
  • The results show a gene encoding a secreted type of β-1,4-glucanase plays an important role for plant parasitism
  • This study conducted comparative transcriptome analyses on both infection and grafting by P. japonicum on Arabidopsis to understand the molecular basis of tissue adhesion between distant plant species
Patrick Joyce
A powerful new way to visualize any RNA or protein interactions within native tissue
From Paper: In Situ Transcriptome Accessibility Sequencing (INSTA-seq)
Published: Aug 2019
  • INSTA-seq is an agnostic method for sequencing mRNA in tissue (you don't need to design probes beforehand).
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