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Recent advances in metasurface hologram technologies (Invited paper)

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Recent advances in metasurface hologram technologies (Invited paper)


Since Leith and Upatnieks demonstrated the first optical hologram in 1964, hologram technology has attracted a great deal of interest in a wide range of optical fields owing to its potential use in future optical applications such as holographic imaging and optical data storage. Although there have been considerable efforts to develop holographic technologies using conventional optics, critical issues still hinder future development. Recently, metasurfaces composed of artificially fabricated subwavelength structures have been considered as novel holographic devices that show an unprecedented ability to control electromagnetic waves. In this review, we outline the recent progress in metasurface holography. A general introduction to several types of metasurface holography categorized based on their physics and application is provided. Then, our personal perspective on the future of this field is discussed.


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