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Improving water quality does not guarantee fish health: effects of ammonia pollution on the behaviour of wild-caught pre-exposed fish.
Soler, Patricia, et al
Published: Nov 2020
  • It is important to note that excess ammonia in the aquatic habitat can cause serious physical damage that could result to death in fishes. We hope that in the future and as time goes on more solutions will be found to solve this problem so as to ensure the safety of this sea creatures.
  • This research explains the effect of ammonia as a common polutant found in aquatic or water areas.
Chukwuma Chidera
Review of how lentiviruses are used in medicine today
From Paper: Clinical use of lentiviral vectors
Published: Jul 2018
  • Lenti are used extensively in medicine today, both for research and clinical use
  • Lentivirus are useful biological tools for modifying cells, especially human cells
Engineered yeast to produce highly useful drugs
From Paper: Biosynthesis of medicinal tropane alkaloids in yeast
Prashanth Srinivasan, Christina D. Smolke
Published: Sep 2020
  • There are shortages of these drugs, and global access is an issue
  • Tropane alkaloids are highly useful drugs that can treat neurological disorders and are classified as essential medicines by the WHO
Escherichia coli-Based Cell-Free Synthesis of Virus-Like Particles
Published: Nov 2007
  • VLPs can be used for vaccines, drug delivery, diagnostics, and gene therapies - as delivery vehicles
  • Virus like particles (VLP) are genome free virus capsids that are formed from the structural proteins of viruses
Cell accumulation and breast cancer metastasis
From Paper: Obesity-Activated Lung Stomal Cells Promote Myeloid-Lineage Cell Accumulation and Breast Cancer Metastasis
Hillers-Ziemer, Lauren E., et al
Published: Nov 2020
Obesity is correlated with increased incidence of breast cancer metastasis, however the mechanisms underlying how obesity promotes metastasis are unclear. In a diet-induced obesity mouse model, obesity enhanced lung metastases in both the presence and absence of primary mammary tumors and increased recruitment of myeloid lineage cells into the lungs. In the absence of tumors, obese mice demonstrated increased numbers of myeloid lineage cells and elevated collagen fibers within the lung stroma, reminiscent of pre-metastatic niches formed by primary tumors. Lung stromal cells isolated from obese non-tumor-bearing mice showed increased proliferation, contractility, and expression of extracellular matrix, inflammatory markers, and TGFβ1. Conditioned media from lung stromal cells from obese mice promoted myeloid lineage cell migration in vitro in response to CSF2 expression and enhanced invasion of tumor cells. Together, these results suggest that prior to tumor formation, obesity alters the lung microenvironment, creating niches conducive for metastatic growth.
Haramidey Monsurat
Castration delays epigenetic aging and feminises DNA methylation at androgen-regulated loci
Sugrue, VJ, et al
Published: Nov 2020
  • Castrated male sheep have a slower aging rate
Анатолий Касян
Cellulosic wall thickenings restrict cell expansion to shape the 3D puzzle sclereids of the walnut shell
Sebastian J. Antreich, Nannan Xiao, Jessica C. Huss, Notburga Gierlinger
Published: Nov 2020
  • harika
Анатолий Касян
Caenorhabditis elegans junctophilin has tissue-specific functions and regulates neurotransmission with extended-synaptotagmin
From Paper: <i>Caenorhabditis elegans</i> junctophilin has tissue-specific functions and regulates neurotransmission with extended-synaptotagmin
Piggott, Christopher A., et al
Published: Nov 2020
  • Interestingly, jph-1 and esyt-2 null mutants display mutual suppression in their response to aldicarb, suggesting that JPH-1 and ESYT-1 have antagonistic roles in neuromuscular synaptic transmission.
Francisco Akwaeze
Modelling the potential of genetic control of malaria mosquitoes at national scale
Published: Mar 2019
  • The authors suggest that repeated introductions of modified mosquitoes into a small fraction of human settlements may reduce the overall number of mosquitoes
  • This study uses a stochastic simulation model to explore the potential of using a driving-Y chromosome to suppress mosquito populations in Burkina Faso
Deleterious mutations show increasing negative effects with age in Drosophila melanogaster
Martin I. Brengdahl, Christopher M. Kimber, Phoebe Elias, Josephine Thompson, Urban Friberg
Published: Sep 2020
  • Instead, aging can result from deleterious mutations with negative effects that amplify with age. If increasing negative effect with age is a general property of deleterious mutations, the proportion of mutations with the capacity to contribute towards aging may be considerably larger than previously believed.
Анатолий Касян
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