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Trending Papers in blockchain

Difficulty Scaling in Proof of Work for Decentralized Problem Solving
Pericles Philippopoulos, Alessandro Ricottone, Carlos G. Oliver
Published: Nov 2019
  • The authors describe how DIPS would provide a new attack route they term "a Bubka attack" where the attacker finds multiple successive solutions to P and uses these to get an advantage in hashing for multiple blocks in a row
  • This paper proposes DIPS (Difficulty-based Incentives for Problem Solving), a simple modification of the Bitcoin proof-of-work algorithm that rewards blockchain miners for solving optimization problems of scientific interest.
Submitted by Ozeki Inc.
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The Operational Cost of Ethereum Airdrops
Michael Fröwis, Rainer Böhme
Published: Jul 2019
  • On Ethereum as it stands, token issuers are best advised to reflect about airdrops before deployment of the token system contract
  • The most cost-efficient solutions for the distributor impose a significant cost on the recipient, which might thwart the very intention of an airdrop as a marketing tool
Submitted by Patrick Joyce
Peer Production on the Crypto Commons: Toward a Commons Based Economy
From Paper: TEMPLATE
Published: Nov 2019
  • Governance of blockchain communities is an emerging phenomenon, and involves interplay between a variety of different ecosystem stakeholders (software developers, PoW miners, PoS voters, cryptocurrency exchanges and payment providers, node operators, casual users and die-hard hodlers). The rules of the protocol dictate the relative power and influence of these groups.
  • Cryptocurrency relies on Free Open Source Software (FOSS) principles and practices, and can only work on open source principles. The cryptocurrency movement should be understood as part of the FOSS movement, or its successor.
Submitted by Richard Red
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How Effective Are Ethereum Smart Contract Analysis Tools?
  • This paper proposes SolidiFI, an au- tomated and systematic approach for evaluating smart contracts’ static analysis tools
  • SolidiFI finds several instances of bugs that are not detected by the evaluated tools despite their claims of being able to detect such bugs, and all the tools report many false positives.
Submitted by Patrick Joyce
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Making Sense of Blockchain Applications
  • The authors note how the accounting of transactions, a trust in immutable code and algorithms, and the leveraging of distributed crowds and publics around vast interoperable databases all relate to longstanding issues of importance for the field.
  • This paper constructs a typology of emerging blockchain applications, consider the domains in which they are applied, and identify distinguishing features of this new technology.
Submitted by Michael Fröhlich
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Blockchain 3.0 applications survey
Damiano Di Francesco Maesa, Paolo Mori
Published: Apr 2020
In this paper we survey a number of interesting applications of blockchain technology not related to cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, after an initial period of application to cryptocurrencies and to the financial world, blockchain technology has been successfully exploited in many other different scenarios, where its unique features allowed the definition of innovative and sometimes disruptive solutions. In particular, this paper takes into account the following application scenarios: end-to-end verifiable electronic voting, healthcare records management, identity management systems, access control systems, decentralized notary (with a focus on intellectual property protection) and supply chain management. For each of these, we firstly analyse the problem, the related requirements and the advantages the adoption of blockchain technology might bring. Then, we present a number of relevant solutions proposed in the literature both by academia and companies.
Retrieved from semantic_scholar
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Ethereum White Paper
Submitted by Star Knight
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