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Trending Papers in environmental science

Melt/Freeze in glacier boreholes
From Paper: Avoiding slush for hot-point drilling of glacier boreholes
Published: Oct 2020
  • Glacier boreholes tend to close over time: either by creep closure in an open hole or by refreezing in a water-filled hole.
  • We explore 'slush' formation and possibilities for avoidance in holes that were drilled with hot-point methods, a thermal drilling technique.
Submitted by Benjamin Hills
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Methods for measuring ice temperature with ice-penetrating radar
From Paper: A framework for attenuation method selection evaluated with ice-penetrating radar data at South Pole Lake
Published: May 2020
  • Framework tested for one dataset from an ice-penetrating radar survey at South Pole Lake.
  • Developed a framework for empirical methods used to measure attenuation in ice-penetrating radar.
Submitted by Benjamin Hills
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Ice temperature near the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet
From Paper: Processes influencing heat transfer in the near-surface ice of Greenland’s ablation zone
Published: Oct 2018
  • A discrepancy between the measured ice temperatures and the mean air temperature implies some added heat from refreezing water in the upper 20 meters of ice in the ablation zone.
  • Near-surface ice temperatures measured through time in Western Greenland.
Submitted by Benjamin Hills
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Temperatures measured from a cubic kilometer block of Greenland ice
From Paper: Measured Horizontal Temperature Gradients Constrain Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Greenland Ice
Published: Sep 2017
  • Strong horizontal temperature gradients indicate heat transfer by vertical advection and by latent heat transfer deep into the ice column.
  • Ice temperatures were measured in a 1km^3 block of ice in Western Greenland.
Submitted by Benjamin Hills
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Perspectives on the Great Amazon Reef: Extension, Biodiversity, and Threats
Here we provide a broad overview of the Great Amazon Reef System (GARS) based on the first-ever video surveys of the region. This footage suggests that the GARS is larger, deeper, and more diverse than previously suspected
Submitted by Ty Frampton
Soil carbon sequestration as a biological strategy for negative atmospheric carbon emissions
From Paper: Soil C Sequestration as a Biological Negative Emission Strategy
Soil carbon (C) sequestration in one of three main approaches to carbon dioxide removal and storage through the management of terrestrial ecosystems. This study explores soil C sequestration as a potential contributor to reducing atmospheric carbon levels
Submitted by Ida Rolf
Chemical compounds secreted by Queen honey bees are able to modulate gene expression in the brains of worker honey bees
From Paper: Queen pheromone modulates the expression of epigenetic modifier genes in the brain of worker honey bees
Pheromones are used by many insects to mediate social interactions. In the honey bee (Apis mellifera), queen mandibular pheromone is involved in the regulation of reproduction and the rate of aging of worker bees
Submitted by Patrick Joyce
Cows painted with zebra-like striping can avoid biting fly attack
Published: Oct 2019
Submitted by Patrick Joyce
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Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Planetary Wave Resonance and Extreme Weather Events
This paper tests an anthropogenic climate change-driven model on the effects of severe weather in the Northern hemisphere.
Submitted by Brent Nawrocki
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Accounting for materialism in four cultures
Views and practices related to materialism in Romania, Turkey, the USA, and Western Europe are explored.
Submitted by Teresa Russell
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